Ancestry Atlas

Ancestry Atlas was created by Cultural Infusion educators as a response to teacher requests for a digital version of an offline paper-based classroom exercise tracking students’ ancestral heritage. This exercise was a hit with the students, giving them insights into each other and a lot to discuss. The digital version is even more popular, fun and easy to use

From small beginnings Ancestry Atlas is now a powerful, versatile tool able to measure cultural diversity in a range of different contexts, from primary schools to universities to conferences, community clubs and major corporate organisations – or any group of people around the world..

Cultural Infusion is a cultural enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia that works with schools, youth and the arts to promote cultural harmony for a more cohesive and richer society. Cultural Infusion believes in the importance of respect, understanding and sensitivity when moving within and between cultures.

Ancestry Atlas aligns with Cultural Infusion’s mission to build cultural harmony and wellbeing by providing a platform for inclusive conversations and planning. It has been well demonstrated by academic studies that, in general, teams with high diversity are high achieving. Ancestry Atlas uncovers strengths in your group that may have been hidden. For instance:

  • Do you know which languages the people in your group know?
  • Do you know their worldviews?
  • Have you considered your group’s gender balance?
  • What is the cultural mix of your group?

With Ancestry Atlas, you can get the answer to these and many more questions within minutes. You also receive infographics showing your group’s collective culture and a ‘cultural diversity index’ rating.

This knowledge tool was created for use on desktops (PCs or Macs) and is the newest product in Cultural Infusion’s suite of multi-award-winning digital tools.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of educators, software engineers, graphic designers, editors, marketers and administrative staff working from Cultural Infusion’s headquarters.